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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely Brilliant Portrayal of Life

And to those of you out there who think you can get away with screwing up the score of this flash just because it's related to God in some way, then YOU need to grow up and realize that most good people who believe in a deity or God already KNOW that he/she/it doesn't really exist, rather it's the ideals and cultures of a certain religion that makes it worth believing in to find some kind of comfort or fulfillment in life.

It's just like drugs; you KNOW that unicorn doesn't REALLY exist, but the idea of it makes you want to see it again.

Anyway, it was a brilliant flash, and if i could give it any score other than 10/10, I'd have to give it an 11.

"Strange Fruit" "Strange Fruit"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very moving and thought provoking.
I liked how both song and animation never frontally made references to actual death, but still gave enough information to deduct that someone was hung.
Rather abstract style of drawing, but somehow that just adds to the mystery of the piece. All in all a very well done work, but somehow this reminds me of game "Afro Samurai".......
Don't know how I got that idea

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Harry The Harlequin Fetus Harry The Harlequin Fetus

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Congratulations on your new masterpiece, although this has to be one of the most CRAZY things ever to set foot on newgrounds. (not including Blek Kophi, or some of the other WIERD flashes going around here nowdays)

And if no-one's told you this before, this flash is perfect puking material.
But for the love of god PUT IN SOME WARNINGS MAN, like "this flash is guaranteed to scar you for at leased half an hour of your life" or something like that.

All in all, great flash, but I'm not too sure about eatin breakfast now........
Knowing my luck something will jump out of the cereal box and kill me.

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Maverick Maverick

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


There are only three things that I can say about this game.
#1: This is perfect material to submit if you want almost the entire population of NG to have a blood feud against you, as the laggy gunshots and walls that are practically like trampolines absolutely tick the god-damn mickey out of you, not to mention going "Back".
#2: WHY THE HELL did anyone even bother with this? It's not the bloody 1980s, and nowadays a three year old could program a script like that, and probably make it better, too.
#3: Almost no-one has the patience to play puzzle/fluky-skill games for very long before getting bored, so making someone play to the end of your repetitive 4-bit fantasies whilst being thwarted by impossibly annoying physics, flying graves and generally lowering people's self esteem and raising their intolerability is about a one-in-five chance.

And seriously, don't try something like this again, people who play it will only take out their anger on others, most of the time you being the target.

Brawl Royale Brawl Royale

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really Challenging Game

I'd have to say that this game is one of the best novelties that you can find on NG today.
Its fun, addictive and, christ in heaven, this game really tests your reflexes.
If there's one thing to say about this, it has to be "WTF is with zombie Goku!?"
Apart from that, if anyone can make it past level 9 on first try, then I congratulate them for having a reaction time of faster than a millisecond. (definitely for martial artists wanting to improve on that factor)
10/10 man, you did good for three weeks.

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NG 1337 Translator! NG 1337 Translator!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

For the confused people........

what fatal2074 said is "this is pretty cool and unique" 7|-|15 15 |O|2377Y (00|_ 4|\||) (_)|\|1Q(_)3.

u have to remember that |O| isn't a letter, it's just |O and that is P.

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AlxEllis - Everybody Dance AlxEllis - Everybody Dance

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You seem to understant Electronica, yet . . .

this piece seems to be rather lacking in the basics of the genre you're submitting it as, for example; instead of jumping straight to a different tune at 00:12 you could have just layered in a bassline and repeated the intro once more, and believe me the most basic part of dance/electronic music is in fact the bassline.
You also jumped from tune to tune quite noticeably (which served to jolt me awake quite nicely, thank you), which makes it feel rather unrefined (i honestly believed that my internet had glitched at the first jump).
But still, you have a great mind for basic melodies to say the leased, and some of your previous songs are also very good, but with this one in particular i felt that it could have done with another couple of hours of editing to "iron out the creases".
Still, i reckon that with a bit more fiddling around this could morph into something special.

Melody: 7/10
Flow: 5/10
Basics: 5/10
Intro: 8/10
Overall: 6.5/10 (give it 7 because i'm too tired to round it down)

AlxEllis responds:

Cool thanks for reviewing i may consider editing this song thansk for reviewing :D

~EnV~Endurance{NG Mix} ~EnV~Endurance{NG Mix}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bloody Brilliant Mate.

I'm glad that you decided to continue on with something from your latest demo mix, and I'm sure that all your fans are too.
This song proves something for you too, it proves that even with your so called "writer's block" you CAN continue on with songs even if you say that there is no-where to go with it, I mean, how many people can you count that actually care whether you put in something that you've only spent a couple of minutes thinking out?
Whether you submit a gigantic lump of gold or just a heap of dog sh*t, no one on this site really cares, because it's YOU that is submitting it, remember that.
I also have to say that you made the video-game tribute quite well, with little room for improvement. (Just how much more can be done with 8-16 bit console sounds than you've already put in?)
In fact, I don't think you could have made this song any better than it already is without starting from scratch, so anyone that wants to pick at this song, go right ahead, but think about what YOU could improve before striking down the song over a small detail that doesn't agree with you.
Sad to hear about your planned break, but with any luck you might just think up something that has a beginning AND an end, instead of starting a song and then leaving it untouched because you ran out of ideas. (spending time on a piece without any real place to go from the middle sucks b*lls, right?)

Oh, and to the little sh*ts that keep rating all the reviews reviews on pages useless, I have 6 words for you, "F*ck-Off,-You-Have-No-Friends".

Brilliant song once again, and all the no-life electronica freaks like me are DEFINITELY looking forward to your next song after your break, (Hopefully "Set Me Free" after the long wait)
And I'm not going to stop bugging you about this, PLEASE continue with "Swing Sessions", it has HEAPS of potential to go in all different directions, you just need to put your mind to it.
Keep up the work, mate, people are worshiping you all over NG.

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~EnV~Demo Mix 2! ~EnV~Demo Mix 2!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Come On Man!

You have to be one of the best (if not the best) electronica artists on newgrounds, and some people are on this site almost every day checking what you are going to uplode next, i mean, you're a bloody legend among no-lifers.
Even if you put in a corny ending to some of your songs, no one will really care what you do to your songs, as long as they're finished.
It was like your song, Swing Session, that was BRILLIANT, but you ended it RIGHT where the good part was starting, and that was a REALLY big bugger for everybody.
If you have a bad writer's block, why not listen to some of your old songs, just for inspiration. (if you're REALLY desperate then why not someone else's).

Anyways, it would be great if you could experiment a bit, just to see what works for a song, instead of leaving one unfinished that could be absolutely mind blowing if you just spent a little bit of time on it.
If you want some tips on what to continue, Swing Sessions is always a good start, (that has the potential to surpass Heaven 2, I tell you) or from the demos, Rock Shock and Dominate is a good one to continue with, not to mention Generic Techno and Chaos Fantasy, and if you have time why not try making a Hardstyle song, just for something different.

You're a bloody legend mate, remember that.
But the one rule about greatness is that you have to WORK AT IT, not give up at the first mental block you encounter, spend some time working instead of playing around and see where that gets you.
Oh, and one last thing, where is that vocal song you promised newgrounds? Anywhere near?
We're w-a-i-t-i-n-g..............

Envy responds:

Lol the vocal song will be tough because my girlfriend is at college. Wont be back for 2 months so... thats the absolute earliest it can be out. I donno though.

Anyways, this isn't my first writers block. I had a big writers block before heaven 2 then came back with it. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with something just as big this time around 8D.

I should have some new songs on here relatively soon because my writers block is slowly breaking 8D